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Note from Aria: I’m excited to partner with my dear friend, Andi Marlowe, from Andromeda Editing. Andi is a fantastic copyeditor and proofreader–she’s my go to for my own romance novels. She’s incredibly thorough: she’s even found errors and mistakes in my books that previous editors have completely missed.

This page details her available editing services. If you’d like to book her, please contact her directly using the information found here.

Hello! My name is Andi Marlowe, and I offer affordable proofreading and copyediting for your novels, novellas and short stories. I am a voracious reader with a BA in English literature and a good eye for catching errors and inconsistencies.

Often, authors are too close to their work to spot language mistakes and typographical errors, and an extra pair of eyes can be crucial for cleaning the manuscript of elementary mistakes, and ensuring accuracy, consistency and quality. I aim to make your manuscript error-free and polish it for an enjoyable reading experience, while still maintaining your individual style as an author.

Andromeda Editing


I currently offer two levels of service: proofreading and copyediting.


A final check for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, word omissions/duplications, and other mechanical fixes. Rate: $0.003 per word. For short stories (10,000 words or less), I charge a flat fee of $30.


Proofreading plus smoothing out or restructuring awkward sentences, and pointing out inconsistencies in story and character details. Rate: $0.006 per word. For short stories (10,000 words or less), I charge a flat fee of $60.


  • Pricing and turnaround time estimates are based on your estimated word count; however, the final price is based on the word count you submit for editing. I charge for exact word count, no rounding up.
  • I offer free sample edits of 500 words to all new clients. A sample from the middle of your manuscript is often more useful (for both you and me), since it’s usually more representative of the errors in your manuscript than the first few pages.
  • Payment is via Paypal in USD. I will invoice you after your manuscript has been returned; payment must be made within three days unless we’ve agreed on a later date.
  • I charge a $30 fee for cancelling or rescheduling within two days of the date booked (i.e. If you’ve arranged to have me start editing your manuscript on Jan 4, you can cancel on Jan 1 without a fee, but not Jan 2 or later). (If $30 is more than 50% of what the job would have cost, then I’ll charge just 50% of the estimated cost.)

How to Book

Please email me at [email protected] with the following information:

  • The type of editing you’re interested in
  • The length and genre of your manuscript
  • A 500 word sample of your manuscript if you want a sample edit

I check my email regularly Monday to Friday and will get back to you as soon as possible.

I look forward to working with you!