Service Agreement: Premade Covers


  • All text changes. You also have the option of changing some or all of the fonts, font colour, and font size.
  • Multiple size options upon request.


  • Any changes or revision requests that fall outside of the listed inclusions above. Requests may be made and accommodated, but they will incur an additional charge that will be invoiced to the author. Payment must be received before any changes are made.

Terms and Conditions

  • All premade book covers are non-refundable.
  • The turn around time for premade ebook covers is 3 days upon receipt of the book information. 
  • There is no expiry on when you can send me your title information. You can take as long as you need.
  • Romance Cover Designs is not financially or legally responsible for any expenses incurred by the author as a result of using the final version of the premade cover, including lost profits, lost savings or other incidental, consequential or special damages, as a result. While I try my best to ensure my designs are as error-free as possible, I’m only human, and I can’t guarantee that my work is 100% error-free. 
  • You have the exclusive rights to publish, print, advertise, and otherwise use your final premade book cover in any form.
  • Romance Cover Designs retains the right to use the final version of your book cover design, along with your book title and author name, in my portfolio for marketing and promotional purposes.
  • Romance Cover Designs retains copyright and ownership of all design and draft materials, even upon full payment.
  • Romance Cover Designs acknowledges that I do not own nor have right to receive any royalties on the book you use your premade cover for.